Fehres (the word for index in Arabic) is a website, an initiative to build a database of public affairs and revolution cases from 25 January to the present. It provides the public with detailed information about everything related to these cases,
You can search for information using the name of a defendant, the cases in which a defendant is accused, the judgment, the judge who issued it, the court, the legal articles of accusation, as well as statistics and analysis of all the rulings, in addition to the various courts, prosecutions, and the type of the case.
It does not only provide information about each case, such as (http://hrinfo.org), but it provides a thorough analysis of all the elements of the cases and statistics about them.
The website allows any user of the database to know the number of death sentences issued by a particular judge or issued in a specific court within a specified period of time.
Because of the complexity and depth of the site, in order to get accurate information and get the most out of it, you can visit the “How to browse the website” page here https://hrinfo.net/?page_id=2487&lang=en)

Target audience:
Lawyers providing defense in the courts or trial observers
Journalists and media personalities
The defendants and their families
Those who work in the judiciary (judges or prosecutors)
The various legal and human rights organizations